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The plumBid Optimizer

The patent-pending plumBid Optimizer is the platform's nerve center. It gives both buyers and sellers the power to fine-tune and adjust, so everyone has the advantage.

The seller uses the Optimizer to prioritize the
terms that are most important to them.

  • Final Sales Price
  • Cash Down From Buyer
  • Length of Escrow Period
  • Inspections and Due Diligence

Seller preferences + market data =
plumBid incentives

Utilizing the plumBid Optimizer, buyers are able to simultaneously
adjust the four offer variables -- prior to submitting each bid.

You Pay

This is your bid and the amount
that you would pay.

Down Payment

This is the percent of the "your bid"
price you are putting down in cash.

In this example, 40% down gives you
the buyer a $7,500 plumBid incentive.

45 days
Escrow Length

This is the escrow length in
days you're agreeing to.

In this example, you the buyer can close in 45 days.
The plumBid Escrow Length incentive is $4,000.


You're agreeing to "no"
additional due diligence.

In this example, you the buyer feels comfortable
with the third-party inspections provided prior to
bidding. The plumBid incentive
would be $20,000.

90 minutes

Competing plumBids from buyers are considered and adjusted during a 90 minute period. Because they can see other bidders' plumBids, buyers are assured they understand the value of the property and are neither overbidding nor getting preempted by another buyer, especially one whose offer they would have been able to beat.

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